OKSN-215 Stepmother loves her child

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    Not long after his wife passed away, the husband decided to take things a step further. He did this with the only hope that his new wife could spend more time on his behalf and take care of his high school son after the recent huge shock. Although he is only a high school student, he has an extremely daring and lustful nature inherited from his father. Especially with his stepmother, who is not only young and beautiful, but also has very perky and sexy breasts, making it impossible for him to control himself, leading to inevitable masturbation. Nothing would have happened if he hadn't been caught by her masturbating in the bathroom wearing a large bra. Listening to her husband's advice to care for and love her son with all his might, she not only did not scold him but also helped him satisfy the pleasure rising in his body. Gaining momentum, on the day his father went away on a business trip, he decided to take a risk and persuade his stepmother to have sex with him. Of course, because she loves her child who is currently lacking affection and has not experienced the taste of pleasure for a long time, there is no reason for her to not agree.
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