HEYZO-1811 Lustful wife wants to have sex with her colleague

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    It must be said that the guy in the movie was extremely lucky to meet the female homeowner who was not only easy-going and sociable but also extremely lustful. Due to a sudden problem with the air conditioner, the beautiful girl Saori Okumura called the air conditioner repairman to come take a look. During the renovation, the female homeowner always took provocative actions and solicited sex from him, probably because her sexual desire had reached its peak because her husband had been working away from home for a long time, and there was no one to meet his needs. That's why it's physiological for her. The air conditioner repairman was also not a medium. As soon as he saw those provocative expressions, he understood the problem, so he did not hesitate to help her satisfy her needs and at the same time bring his own. feeling of pleasure in sex.
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